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The OTP OF DOOM!!11!

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Book Four: "People of Interest" now complete.



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The OTP OF DOOM!!11! For all of my Kate/Ari bitches out there. Where you at hos? Yeah, you're here, that's where.

Also, three new stories: Triad (Kate/Ari/Gibbs), Romantic Comedy (Webb/Ziva), and Elysium (Kate/Ari/Ziva), all located in the Gray Areas section of the NCIS fic. I'm just digging the OTP smexing this month.

In the Cannon, the fourth book has been posted: People of Interest. My AU sandbox grows every day.

And, because life is sweet and I still get LJ comments on the damn thing, located in the Randomocity section is, as Shannon titled them-- The Ten Commandments, as told by God unto his prophet Beka Cavis. Enjoy the blaspheme.

Special thanks to Amanda for helping me out with the pretty pictures, and, of course, to Aj, for giving me the website and the coding in the first place. *smooch* You both rock..

Also, because apparently the MPAA has decided that use of their ratings system is a big no no, all of the stories have been reclassified. If a story is appropriate for all ages, it's listed as "Child friendly." If it might require some guidance for those who haven't grown pubic hair yet, it's "Teen friendly." A story without graphic sex, but still too much for those who think cursing and violence send you to hell is "Adult friendly." And anything with some variation of "penis and vagina action" is marked as "Adult Story."

* Okay. As always--low self esteem is a problem that only you can help prevent. Don't turn a blind eye when you see an author gasping for help and respect. Pledge some feedback, and you can help save an ego from unnecessary pain and suffering. Just one email a story can change a life, friends. Don't let these hard working creative artists go hungry for feedback. Can be reached at: or through her Livejournal. Thank you for you time and donations. They'll go to good use here.

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