Stargate SG-1:


All Hailey Series


1. All Hailey - "I thought I was so suave, so Carey Grant-ish. The hero, the white knight in BDUs. I was going to save Major Carter from her post-bad-date despair." (Adult Story)
Nominated in the 2004 SJFA.


2. Sex and Chocolate - "He was *so* blaming this on the pain medication if it came right down to it. And Daniel. Cuz it was fun to blame stuff on Daniel." (Adult Story)


3. Hallmark Moments - It's Christmas morning," Sam reminded him. "And as the Christmas virgin, I am desperately in need of guidance." (Adult Story)


4. Confessions of the Formerly Ascended - "My Easy Bake Best-Friends' Relationship. Requires two AAs, a light bulb, and a whole lot of patience." (Adult Story)




Enter the Ruin - "That mouth, that hot succubi mouth of hers is on his, and damn it's good and damn he's lost."(Adult Story)


Repairing the Void - He looks up at her, noting the cautious tone she used when saying the word "party." It's suspiciously like the tone he used when he told his mother he and Donna Williams were 'studying.' (Adult Story)





The Treaty of Guinness - "And just because you see me outside of those God-forsaken green pants does not mean you're going to tie me to the bedposts, right?" Well, he had thought not necessarily... "Right." (Adult Story)
Nominated in the 2005 SJFA.


2. Pipe Dreams - "The Great Jack O'Neill (no flash photography please)." (General Audiences Disallowed)
Nominated in the 2005 SJFA.


Stargate: Atlantis:


Good Pain - "God, he needs peace tonight."(Adult Story)




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