Law and Order: Criminal Intent:


The Kept Woman Thread:


- "Alexandra Eames: emotional bandage of the masses." (Teen friendly)


-"This is about Alexandra Eames, his partner, his friend, and the woman who is so obviously and completely in love with...someone else. Sequel to The Art of Being A Kept Woman. (Teen friendly)


Start - "When did I fall in love with my partner? she asks herself. And will the landing break me?" Sequel to The Art of Being A Kept Woman and Schmuck. (Adult Story)


Single Threads:


Avoidance and Flavored Condoms - "He relishes playing with her." (Adult Story)


Full of Grace - "His hands plant themselves on either side of her. His feet are spread apart and his eyes haven't moved from her face. There's a heavy feeling around him; a weight bearing emotion that clogs up her throat and forces her head up to meet his gaze." (Adult Story)


Genesis -"Why on Earth she decided to be the guardian of his sanity he'll never know. The hours suck, there's no real money to be had, and the dental plan won't cover corrective surgery or fillings." (Adult Story)


Gun. Hand. Throat. - "The biggest lie anyone ever told Alex was that justice would prevail." (Adult friendly)


She Who Would Have Known - "You center me, Alex." Spoilers for F.P.S. (Teen friendly)


The Natural - "He'd stopped questioning after that. His suspects made sense. Obviously, five-year-old girls didn't have to." (Child friendly)


- Life in a pocket universe. (Teen friendly)


Tarzan and Jane - "He's her partner, so he knows her limitations. He's her partner, so he knows how to get around them." (Adult Story)


- "Partners don’t do love unless both of them want it badly enough." (Adult friendly)


Wrong - “Submission without resistance is a tasteless meal, after all.” (Adult Story)


Waking Hours - The Four Alex's in Bobby's head, and the one Alex in Bobby's bed. (Adult Story)


Penance - "Mistress, he thinks to himself, and takes another deep breath." (Adult Story)


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