Note: This series is the continuation of the Lion Series. Okay, if you weren't reading the Lion Series, all you need to know is that about three years before this story happened, Kate and Ari had a romantic relationship. It was going great until a bomb went off at a White House party she was at and Ari realized he couldn't stay with her and be the person he needed to be to keep the world safe at the same time. He left, she cried, and then this happened.


Note: Every story in this series is titled in Italian.

"Freddo" means "cold".

"Sostituto" means "substitute."

"Fiducia" is Italian for "trust."

"Che Rimane" - "remaining."

"Riflessione" means "reflection."

"Sangue" means "blood."

"Fede" means "belief."


1. Freddo - "When she looks in the mirror now, she sees someone different, and it took her three years to be comfortable with that but it happened." (Teen friendly)


2. Sostituto - "You can't always get your pround of flesh. Even when it's deserved." (Teen friendly)


3. Fiducia - "I can't trust you, Ari, because I know exactly what you would do with that trust, and that frightens the hell out of me!" (Adult friendly)


4. Che Rimane - "'Is that why you left her behind?' Gibbs asks. 'Because you were afraid of her objectivity being compromised by this investigation.' He raises an eyebrow. 'Or is it because you were afraid of her getting hurt again?'" (Teen friendly)


5. Riflessione - "Does she think about him at all? Or is he just another... experience? Just another necklace in her jewelry box?" (Adult friendly)


6. Sangue - "An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. No more, no less." (Adult friendly)


7. Fede - "'You are beautiful,' he says again. 'Believe me. You are never more beautiful than when you believe.'" (Teen friendly)



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