Note: Every story in this series except Caffeine Sunset is titled in hebrew.

"Ma'aminim" means "believers".

"Adamah" means "ground."

"Ad Kahn", which is hebrew for "sufficient/enough."

"Admat Kodesh" - "Holy ground."

"Avvadon" means "Hell or destruction."

"Sereifah" means "death by burning."


1. Caffeine Sunset - "This will not end well if he takes a single misstep. And there are so many places to stray along the road." (Teen friendly)


2. Ma'aminim - "He must be dreaming. Because she's here, she's aware, and he's not lying dead at her feet." (Teen friendly)


3. Adamah - "Are you just going to stand there all day and... look?" (Adult friendly)


4. Ad Kahn - "How hard could it be to get a woman to accept a gift, after all? He doesn't have much experience in the matter (read: none-- all of the women he's ever been with associate "gift" with a code name for dirty bomb) but every movie he's ever seen has lead him to believe this might be an easy prospect for a beginner." (Teen friendly)


5. Admat Kodesh - "He is looking at her like she is his last meal and he has starved for months. She has been starving for just as long." (Adult story)


6. Avvadon - "She feels dangerous and elite. It's a good look on her." (Teen friendly)


7. Sereifah - "Caitlin Todd closes her eyes, clutching the piece of paper between her fist and her chest, and lets the part of her that answers to the name "Caitlin" die alone and cold in her mind and her body." (Teen friendly)



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