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Romantic Comedy - "Israeli. God help you, an Israeli." (Teen Friendly, Webb/Ziva)


Elysium - "Mother Mary, touch me here, love me like that, please don't let me fall..." (Adult Story, Kate/Ari/Ziva)


Triad - "They're... weird about each other." (Teen Friendly, Kate/Gibbs/Ari)


Bad Man - "Regret is a wasted emotion." (Teen friendly, Kate/Ari, Kate/Gibbs)


Dazes - "Tried to fix her." (Teen friendly, Ziva)


For the Ghost of Timothy McGee - “He gets caught up in moments sometimes.”(Adult Story)
An AU Kate/Gibbs/Tony romance written before Twilight was shown.


Suits - "You don't have to be anything with us."(Adult Story)
A Kate/Gibbs/Tony romance.


Hold On - "Flying too close to the sun..."(Adult Story)
A sequel to Suits.


Pouring - "They don’t break contact with him during the night."(Adult Story)
A sequel to Hold On.


Dusk - “More than likely, Gibbs thinks, he was never in love with Caitlin Todd.”(Adult Story)
An AU angst fic written before Twilight was shown, with Kate/Gibbs and Kate/Ari undertones.


The Night Watchman - "I am the undoing of you..." (Adult Story)
An Abby/Ducky story.


Le Perdu - "Best to remove him all together. Best to get him out of the way so that his influence is non-existent and non-harmful." (Teen friendly)
Nominated for Best Kate/Gibbs Undertones fic.


Knee Deep - "He's still human. That helps." (Teen friendly, Kate/Ari undertones)
Sequel to Le Perdu.
Nominated for Best Kate/Gibbs Undertones story.


Without Fail - "She runs every thought over her tongue every night before she goes to bed."(Adult friendly, Gibbs/Wife, Gibbs, Kate)
Nominated for Best Kate/Gibbs Undertones story.




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