by B. Cavis

by B. Cavis

For all of their talk about "being the job," they know when to be something else. There is a difference between what they are in suits and what they are in skin, and they never let themselves forget that. Office is office, bedroom is bedroom, and the two are necessarily separate because to combine them leads to disaster and bad things that none of them want to have to deal with.

Tony is just... content. He is afraid of using the world "happy," because, raised by God-fearing parents, he knows that if you are too "happy," then you are just asking for trouble. If he feels like everything is perfect and that he has never been more joyful in his lifetime, that's the cue for God and the universe to shit on him.

Just to keep him in line of course. So he doesn't think in terms of "happy." "Content" is as close to it as he will let himself get.

He has three places to call home on any given day. He has three beds to fall into and know he is safe in. There are parts of him in two other peoples' lives, and that sends a territorial, cheerful little burst up and down his spine. He is wanted. He is held.

Kate is at a state of perfect peace with herself and the world around her. After all, she jokes to the sunrise early in the morning, while kept warm and safe from both sides, she is a catalyst. She knows that without her this relationship would not have started and would not be continuing.

The bumper sticker is right-- men are hopeless.

Whenever they go out to dinner, she smiles constantly, and whenever they come home she laughs and walks around naked. She is comfortable in her own skin because the whispers of "so beautiful" that have been pressed against it during the past nine months are just too consistent to let her have doubt about it in her soul. It took a while, but the truth sunk into her epidermis and penetrated her muscles to soak into the core of her being.

She screams when she orgasms now, instead of biting her lip and whimpering. She never wears underwear around the places she considers hers nowadays. Her legs and underarms are always smooth, and she has taken up getting her bikini area waxed after noticing the fascination it drew during the first few explorations of her body.

Sometimes she feels like a sinner. Always, she feels loved.

It's a nice compromise.

And of course, there's Gibbs.

Gibbs, who hated his need. Gibbs, who hated those he needed. Gibbs, who, for the first three months, would jerk to the bathroom and throw up immediately after they were done, every time.


Who would have thought, Tony had whispered to Kate once upon an evening past, that the man who cares zippo about what everyone else and their opinions would be so angst ridden over doing something that makes him happy just because it's "unconventional."

Kate had just snorted at him for using the word unconventional and climbed out of bed after the gray haired man who slept on her right side.

Gibbs had looked up from the toilet bowl, tears in his eyes; a reflex from the vomiting. She took his skull between her warm palms and rubbed his temples until his body relaxed to the point of being malleable. He followed her meek and willing back into the bedroom, and took his place on her right side as she curled up with Tony on her left.

The two men had held her, hands linked over her midsection, and sleep had taken them with minimal struggle.

Gibbs. Kate. Tony.

Three pieces of a relationship that might work with just two, but never as well as it does right now. Three parts of a whole that, if it followed the rules, would only have two.

"Fuck the rules," Kate says with a toss of her hair whenever the topic comes up. "What matters is what this feels like. Screw the rest of the world."

"This is insane," Gibbs will mutter, and his lovers will laugh.

"Fuck sanity too," Tony says with no regret in his voice.

He asks on a regular basis, of course. Begs and pleads for "some aspect of logic" to enter into their bedroom lives. He searches for the morals of society in their actions, and when he can't find it he freaks out. Gibbs was not raised up religious. But he was raised up to believe that one man/one woman was the only way it should be.

"This is the most screwed up relationship I've ever been in," he moaned against Tony's shoulder blades one late Sunday afternoon.

"And compared to all of your marriages and every girl before that," Tony grunted as he moved in and out of Kate's willing, wet body, "this is also the most stable."

Kate had been too busy babbling out the words that Tony had demanded from her ("Before this night is out," he had whispered into her ear, balancing her on his lap, her legs hooked on and held open by his knees, while Gibbs ate her out, "you are going to be begging the both of us to fuck you. I guarantee it.") to notice this little intrusion of the real world, and she hadn't bothered with it later.

It comes up often, and surprisingly, it's always from Gibbs.

When Tony had made the conscious decision that he wanted both Kate and Gibbs in his life, the scenarios that had run through his head involved Kate being the intransigent one. After all, who better to put a damper on things than the semi-devout Catholic girl?

And then not only had she jumped them both with willing eyes and a more willing body, but she had gasped and laughed cheerfully with full abandon when they kissed while moving in and out of her.

Gibbs is the one who has been the biggest threat to their relationship. For the most self confident, able man they know, he has the least amount of faith in his own ability to venture outside the box without getting lost or trampled on by the rest of the world.

He terrifies himself with images of what would happen if anyone who mattered were to find out, ignoring both Kate and Tony's protestations that since he's the only one who's actually got a rank, nothing much would happen. He is frightened, not for his career, but for theirs and what it would mean to their lives if something were to go awry. Kate and Tony are his prodigies-- his apprentices in investigation. He has taken them on as his students and his partners, and the idea that someone might use what they do in the bedroom as a reason not to take these two people seriously makes his teeth itch.

He is afraid of life after romance, and afraid that one day he will have to find out precisely what that is for them.

Of course, there are other, more self conscious issues at hand here. He is a fifty year old, thrice divorced workaholic with a boat in his basement and a thin veneer of sawdust over everything he owns. He has five coffee cups to his name, two of them chipped, and there is never anything but leftovers in his fridge.

Kate has told them about her parents and their status in the world-- how they are the kind of people who could afford to buy her out of an embarrassing situation if she was the kind of person who looked for cheap escapes. Tony has told them about his apartment in Chicago and the beach house his aunt left him in Sag Harbor. Over a million in real estate, he said idly one night over dinner.

Gibbs brings nothing to this relationship besides his own body and his own version of home that he knows doesn't appeal to many people. After all, his three wives seemed to hate every part of the world he carved for himself. The smell of wood shavings in his clothing and in his hair, the grit of hard work on his skin, the calluses on his fingers-- he is nobody's Catch of the Day, and the fact that he is in a collaboration with two people who have more to offer everyone than he does, two people who, when he lets the monster under his bed up for air, he fears might need him less than he needs them.

He is terrified of being left behind in the dust; of losing one or both of them to the job or the real world, or the horrible truth that someday they might realize they are better off without him, and go off together into the sunset to be happy and prosper.

And leave him to fester in the high sun of noon.

So he begs and he pleads: Please let me go, please let me go. Raspy moans of "I can't do this, we can't, oh God please listen to reason and let me go" come against their skins on frequent enough occasions for them to no longer take him seriously. He may beg for mercy against two mouths for as long as he feels he needs to; but he would sooner die than give this up-- he'd stop breathing without them there to keep him drawing air.

Which is why they tell him "No." Firmly. They whisper it into his gasping mouth, they holler it against his flesh. They deny him his own suffering and take away his right to be miserable because they can't allow him to keep it. Because they need him just as much as he needs them.

They coat his fingertips in nips from their teeth and kisses, and when they hold him they do it with words as well as their arms. They talk while they make each other see the bright lights at the end of the nerve ending tunnel and they talk while they hold each other to the ground afterwards.

They give him an armor of open mouthed embraces and tongue baths. And when Kate will hold him by the hair and moan as he pounds into her, while Tony's cock moves in and out of his own ass, groaning like there is no sweeter sensation in the world, he feels it strengthen and solidify on his skin.

They give him a suit of armor. And he gives them all he has in return.

They started this drunk. The best way to be brave, Tony had joked later, when you are really a chicken shit on the inside. Without the courage found in the bottom of two bottles of Cuervo and a hell of a lot of limes, they would not be here today.

It wasn't a case and it wasn't a moment of weakness. Tony had convinced Kate to come out with him for an after work drink one Friday night, and she had in turn convinced Gibbs that he needed a night away and wouldn't it be nice to do something as a group?

When they had stumbled into Gibbs's house (because the idea that they lived in different places hadn't occurred to them in this altered state) Tony had tripped and kept steady by grabbing Kate and pulling her flush against him, his front to her back. Gibbs had grunted against the nearest wall, where he was half collapsed, half leaning.

And when Tony's mouth had opened on Kate's throat, raking teeth and tongue over her skin to take all of her taste into his throat and swallow down exactly what he needed, Gibbs had groaned and jerked forward with a quick rebuke on his tongue that was too drunk to come forward.

Instead, he had fallen against her front, full on contact, and swallowed thickly as he realized that she really did feel just as good up against his body when she was willing and horny as she had in all of the dreams that he wasn't allowed to admit to having.

Kate had kept her hold on Gibbs. Tony didn't do anything but grin and look up into his boss's eyes with the dogged determination and the leering sexuality that he oozed from every pore apparent in his gaze. And Gibbs had groaned once more because sin felt very, very good and fuck not being depraved; this was too much fun.

"This is bad," some rational part of him had complained, and the two alive and consenting people in front of him had laughed gently. Tony's hand had anchored itself in Kate's hair, and as his eyes locked onto Gibbs's, he pulled her head back to expose her throat to both of them.

Gibbs had just looked, mouth open and eyes heavy.

"Whatsa matter Gibbs?" Tony had asked laughingly, teasing and dark as he ran his tongue up the smooth column of her neck. "Don't you want to fuck the beautiful and willing woman between us?"

And Gibbs's head had dropped to her skin without his consent, teeth sinking into her and tracing promises into her flesh as his hands wrapped around her belt hoops and pulled her tight against him. Tony had moved along with her, cock pressed against her ass, hands on her hips, mouth on her neck.

Somewhere along the way, they had been naked. Somewhere along the way, all three of them were kissing each other while the moonlight kept its own counsel as to their affair. Each of them screamed out to two other lovers that night.

So, of course, Gibbs had fled the next morning. They'd woken up just in time to hear the front door close as he dove for his car and the safety of distance. They'd looked at each other, smiling in the morning sunlight, and curled up in his warm spot together.

He obviously wanted them gone by the time he got home. To see them both there when he returned would be a reaffirmation of everything that he half remembered occurring that night. They both knew it because that was the kind of thing that trained investigators knew.

So they didn't move.

Tony and Kate had stayed in bed, sighing and smelling the memories on their fingers, and talked in low voices about what they were going to do now.

"We can't just let him... leave," Kate had argued, as Tony licked the taste of her cunt off of her fingers.

"We won't," he reassured over his little purring moans of pleasure. "Do you want him Kate?"

She had nodded, her hair spread like tar over the white sheets. His skin shone gold and warm in the new day. "I want him and I want you." His erection had started to rise up, and she pushed him onto his back while grasping it at the base.

Her tongue ran around the head of his cock and her right pointer finger circled his anus gently. He melted into her mouth, and she moaned against him playfully.

"You're so hot," he gasped as she traced the large blue vein running up the side of him, and she had rubbed her cunt against his leg to help alleviate some of the tension building in her own clit. His head fell back against the pillows, and his hands gripped the sheets in white knuckles.

When he was gasping and hard, half alert and half dead on the sheets, she licked him teasingly once more, and climbed up his body to nuzzle his earlobe.

"I want him," she whispered gently. "Get him for me."

"Ye-Yeah," he stuttered, and she laughed in his ear.

"So articulate," she giggled, and he opened his eyes and glared at her for just a moment before pouncing.

"I'll show you articulate," he growled, and she had squealed out her delight to the ceiling as he pushed her thighs apart and shoved himself inside of her body.

Gibbs had come back from his waste of gas and time to discover Kate, her legs wrapped around Tony's waist, howling for him to fuck her harder. And he'd stumbled into bed and gotten lost in "depravity" all over again.

They had started this drunk because, hell, alcohol helps everything.

But they keep doing it sober.

Her apartment is the chosen locale tonight. Not because it's the cleanest (though it is) or because she has the most edible food in her fridge (because she doesn't), but because it's the nearest place they can go after the day they just had.

Kate feels like throwing something against a wall and watching it shatter. She keeps her arms across her chest with her hands clamped tight around her elbows, because if she lets go she's afraid she'll hurt someone.

Tony picks up her jacket as she lets it drop on the floor and pushes Gibbs towards her to keep from having to make the first step on his own. His teeth are clenched tight together-- if he moves to take Kate in his arms, he is going to hurt her, and he's not sure if he could live with himself if he did that. Gibbs is safer. Gibbs is... Gibbs.

The older man moves towards her with the sureness of step that comes from years of experience in the ways of life. His arm tangles around her waist from behind without fear, and he doesn't flinch when she tenses up.

She relaxes a minute later. He knew she would.

"I just..." she sighs. "I just can't stand it. It's not fair. If I know the man is guilty and you know the man is guilty how..." she shakes her head, and her fingers come up to press against her temples. "Don't let me think about it," she begs softly. "I'll go nuts if I keep thinking about it-- don't make me..."

His hands rest, warm and heavy, over the heat of her cunt. His fingers press the seam up against her, and she sighs as a shiver skitters through her. "Gibbs..." she whispers softly, and he shushes her with the simple action of unbuttoning her pants and drawing the zipper down.

"Just let it go, Katie." The crook of her neck calls to him and his mouth waters in reply. When his teeth find her skin and his lips wrap around her warm flesh, she grunts soft and dark. "Let it out."

It's tempting and sweet-- the promise of forgetting teases her from just beyond her reach. If she could slip into the blissful state of compartmentalization that he offers her, she would be able to sleep soundly in their arms tonight. The day she just had has to leave her before she can breathe deeply again, and she wants nothing more than for it to be gone.

Leave me, she whispers to the ghost of "work," and when it persists, she grips the arm that holds her firmly from behind and squeezes for reassurance.

And her cunt in hand, he squeezes back. The noise she lets out makes Tony's cock jerk to alertness from half way across the room.

Let it out.

"Take it from me," she groans, and Tony throws her jacket over a chair with a wave of his arm.

Gibbs is warm against her back, and he holds her while trying not to betray his own desperate need to maintain the contact. "Take what from you, Katie?"

You know what, she thinks exhaustedly, letting her head drift over to rest on his shoulder. The set of his jaw reveals nothing to anyone.

He stalks them across the floor, and when he presses his body up against her front, she is already panting from the feel of her other lover's teeth on her body. Tony's cock is pushing against his pants zipper.

Her mouth tastes of frustration and need, and Tony's tongue takes it all in and swallows her down. There's a moan building behind her teeth, and he takes that as well. He bites down on her bottom lip, and pulls back just in time to see her black silk panties being forced down from behind. Gibbs has removed his teeth from her to examine the view of her ass rubbing against him, and his eyes have gone dark.

Their hands meet on her hips, and they tangle fingers over her flesh while examining the view. Kate is gasping quietly, searching for air and relief and finding next to none.

Her pubic hair was waxed yesterday, and Tony grins. "Nice and smooth. I bet you'll scream when Gibbs goes down on you."

Gibbs grins right back and rubs against her ass harshly. "She always screams," he leers, and if Kate was in her right mind, she's be just a little bit disturbed at the tone. As it is, her clit has commandeered her body.

And her clit really liked that voice, all things considered.

Tony works the buttons of her shirt free, and when there are two left, Gibbs pulls it off her by the collar. The buttons break off, and Tony laughs. "Impatient?"

"Get her naked," the older man grumbles back, eyes still on the place of contact between Kate's ass and his cock. Tony unhooks her front clasping bra and Gibbs pulls it off her as well.

Kate's head is lolling back against his shoulder, and when she turns towards the warmth of his body with her face, his mouth meets hers. Their teeth clash and he takes over her mouth with a quick sweep of his tongue against hers. When he bites at her lips threateningly, she has already given up all pretense of defiance.

Her body is focused at the place where their lips meet, and she moans into him as he searches her teeth for every secret she might try to keep from him. She can't feel anything beyond the sweet need he instills in her, and it's because of this need that she is honestly surprised when Tony's tongue finds her, hot and wet.

"Oh God," she gasps into her boss's mouth, and tears away to watch the man who she used to think of as a walking, talking, hormone pile feast on her clit and cunt like she's going to disappear at any moment.

"No," Gibbs corrects in her ear, "just Tony. Say 'thank you' to the nice boy, Katie."

Her lungs can't inflate and her body can't do anything but twitch. Gibbs holds her steady and still as Tony's tongue traces the alphabet on her clit. His fingers are holding her apart and spread to his eyes, and the idea that she can't do anything but let them take care of her at their leisure is incredibly appealing to the sexual, feminine part of her that loves not having to deal with being the controlled one when it comes to her lovers.

She is different when wearing a suit.

Tony's eyes trail up her body to meet her gaze, and she sees the grin up there instead of on his lips. He bites down hard on her, and her head jerks back like he just electrocuted her skin. Gibbs is grunting, one arm still around her waist to keep her still for the younger man to work over, and she hears the telltale sound of his belt being unbuckled as he shifts behind her.

"I told you to say thank you," he reminds her, and Tony looks up at them mischievously. The hand that has been gripping one of her thighs drips off of her muscle and down, and as she loses sight of it, she can feel it press up against her opening gently.

"Fucking tease," she groans to Tony, and Gibbs pinches her hip hard. Her body is shaking, and Tony has stopped the movements of his tongue on her center.

"That is not what I told you to say," growls the older man behind her, and oh she would give just about anything to have them both naked and inside her right freaking now. "And that is extremely rude considering. Now, what were you going to say to Tony, who has been so nice as to take what you asked him to take this evening?"

The hand on her hip is still and threatening. She can feel the authority he holds lurking in the weight of his palm. Tony doesn't move. She wonders if he even can when faced with that voice.

She clears her throat. The fingers lurking at the entrance of her body are just too tempting, too hot to keep from giving in.

"T-T-Thank you, Tony," she breathes, and she feels Gibbs smirk against the top of her head. The hand on her hip gives a subtle little pet of approval. Tony just grins.

"Good girl," Gibbs rumbles behind her, and his cock presses, naked and thick, up against her ass cheeks just as Tony presses forward and fucks her hard with his fingers and brings her skin alive with his tongue and his teeth on the tiniest, most powerful point in her body.

And Kate wails.

She's spread wide by one of his hands, fucked and impaled by the other, and she is helpless to do anything but squirm back against the strong, firm man behind her with his want so obviously exposed. Tony is making soft little sounds of hunger, munching on her like her taste is sustaining his stomach, and fucking her like he'll drop dead if he stops.

Gibbs's hand streams down her ass, past the push of his own cock against her flesh, and she feels his fingers press roughly up against her anus for a teasing moment before moving forward and impaling her ass on his pointer and middle fingers.

She is being owned from both sides. The thought makes her wail without meaning to. The world is spinning fast and out of control. The words are spilling out of her mouth and dribbling down her chin. She can feel herself falling, and prays that there is someone there to catch her.

"Oh fuck, oh please, oh God, Tony, just fuck me pl-please." His teeth are biting her harder now, like he's trying to hurt her, just a little, and she gets louder and louder every time he increases the force of his jaw. Gibbs is steady and firm-- his fingers in her ass don't move, and no matter how her hips buck or try to entice him into action, he stays still. She can feel his tongue bathing her cunt in long, steady strokes. The chest behind her shudders-- Tony is catching his fingers along with her sanity in that wonderful mouth of his.

Gibbs is speaking, and when she gathers her mind off the floor, she hears his voice rumbling in her ear gently.

"He's going to make you see God," he says, and the fingers twist in her ass, turning her skin into a thin epidermis of fire. He grins against her neck, and she is trying so hard to breathe and failing miserably. "I'm going to watch him fuck you, and then I'm going to bend you over and take what I want from you. And you'll be so out of it that you'll just have to go along for the ride." His teeth come hard and fast on her earlobe, and he tugs as he delivers his parting shot, the one that he knows will melt her all over Tony's face. "You'll have to do exactly what we make you do, and you'll love all of it because you are just a greedy little clit with a body attached."

And the arm that has been holding her up melts away, and his hand comes down to slap her ass in a move that he'd never have the guts to do if it was just the two of them here. The sound echoes through the room, and the pain is just right, and the catharsis of sex and pleasure takes her and swallows her whole, and God, it's good and God, it's great and God, don't ever let her feel anything but this feeling of complete and utter helplessness and need and the desire to fuck and be fucked and oh sweet Jesus...

Tony licks his lips as he watches her half slump to the ground in front of them. Gibbs catches her around the waist and slings her over his shoulder easily. The two men smirk at each other, and there is a contented afterglow for a moment.

"You want her or me tonight?" Gibbs asks gently. There is no room for jealousy here, and all three of them know and accept that. Tony's eyes are drawn to the red patch on her skin that bloomed underneath the force of the slap. His hand traces the burning flesh with interest, and she purrs as his fingers offer a few strokes. Coming back to herself, he notes clinically. She's returning to clarity and the ability to talk in complete sentences.

Best to put a stop to that.

"I think I want her," he says, and Gibbs nods.

"Me too." His hand comes up to intertwine with Tony's on Kate's red ass, and the two of them just... look at each other. Rough skin on rough skin, cushioned on buttermilk and silk. There's beauty in the juxtaposition. "She took the case hard."

"She always does."

"So did you," and Tony can see the unspoken question in his lover's eyes. Are you okay?

There's an answer that would make Gibbs feel better, and there's an answer that follows the line of truth here. Tony's not sure which one to give, and he's not quite ready to give either one. So he walks into the bedroom, and waits for the two of them to follow him in.

He doesn't wait long.

Gibbs tosses Kate gently onto the bed, and she lies on her back breathing deeply for a few moments before grinning up at the ceiling. "Are you boys done having the manly talk?"

"Shut up," Tony growls, and she laughs. He strips down to his skin and his pride, and Kate absorbs him through her eyes for a moment before stretching her body out teasingly and raising her arms above her head. Gibbs takes up a seat in the chair by the dresser, his shirt half unbuttoned, naked from the waist down. There air smells like the warmth between her thighs. She can feel her entire body humming, and there's a sticky warmth in her cunt that has been appeased but not satisfied by tonight's activities so far.

Tony's cock bobs up red and dark against his stomach, and not at all satisfied. She watches him kick his clothing into the corner, and sighs.

"Tony," she whimpers, "screw the clothes-- fuck me. Gibbs promised you would." And she knows she's pouting but she doesn't care. The agony of anticipation has become too much for her threshold, and she squirms on the sheets as her skin burns and prickles with the contact. She looks desperately towards Gibbs. "Right? You did; tell him you did."

Gibbs takes his chin off his fist and raises an eyebrow. "Yeah, but I never mentioned anything about you being able to give orders. That's my job, Katie." His cock is pressing against the front of his shirt, and he swallows quickly to keep from revealing just how desperate he really is.

He knows she needs this-- knows that she can't be focused on being the responsible one tonight. The case they just worked on saw all of her attempts at control shattered and he knows that she feels scrubbed raw right now. She sees the image of the guilty man going free in her head, and it haunts her steadily.

It's time to take that image away, proclaims the protective, primitive male part of him, and he has let it have free rein over this evening because she needs it just as much as he does, and, he suspects, as Tony does. Kate needs to lose control over herself-- to know that someone else is going to take care of her and keep her safe.

Gibbs and Tony just need to know that they can try and command a situation, to be in charge of something, without having it blow up in their faces. They need to be able to succeed at what they have been failing at all week.

They need to be able to keep each other safe and sound. So...

"You're not the one calling the shots tonight, Kate," Tony purrs as he climbs onto the bed and kneels. "I do believe you asked us to take all of it away from you. Didn't she say that, Gibbs?"

The man in the chair nods. "Yes, she did, Tony."

Tony smirks to himself and sits back on his heels. "You are here to do what we and that sweet little pussy of yours tells you to do. There is nothing else, Kate, doll. No orders from you and no whiny demands." He looks her over, washing his eyes in her image and taking in all of her-- the round, heavy breasts; the gently concave stomach; the smooth thighs; the long legs. He can see her smooth shaven cunt glisten wetly with his saliva and her orgasm. The marks his five o'clock shadow left on her can be seen even in the low light.

He hopes they can always be seen by everyone. All the time.

"Turn over," he says, calm and unaffected, and even Gibbs has to admire his restraint. No hint of emotion, no betrayal of his own need-- that sounded almost apathetic. He makes a note to slap the man on the back later on. How he hasn't just pulled off and fucked her until her eyes roll back and her skin turns pink is beyond him.

Instead, he gives a command, and watches. Waits. Gibbs is halfway to coming all over himself, and he strokes his cock gently from his spectator's box. The head is leaking, and he rubs the precum over his skin with his thumb.

She hears the order and complies. Quickly. This isn't about dominance, it's about trust and it's about need, and she won't deny them the right to see both traits in her when it comes to them. They need to know that she would put her life in their hands, and they need to know that she aches when they're near her.

She raises herself up on her hands and knees, ass in the air, facing Gibbs. She is open and gaping, and she hopes that they can see what she wants them to see.

From the identical gasps that come from either side of her, she'd wager they both got the message.

A warm presence moves up behind her, and she feels a brush of air as body makes contact with hers and gently moves to increase the friction. Tony's hands are firm on her hips, and she can feel him bruising her gently with his force. He moves her up and down, ass higher, legs tighter. He manipulates her body like she was a toy doll, and when he gets her to the place he wants her, he puts a pillow underneath her hips and holds her there. Gibbs's eyes hold her in place.

"Tell me when she's about to come," he tells Gibbs, and the older man nods. Kate can feel her sanity leaking down her thighs in thick streams of need and want and mild erotic humiliation.

Why is this making me so hot? she asks herself. What about this is making my juices flow? They're playing at treating me like an object-- I've never gotten off on that before. Maybe it's some new part of me that grew in with the job. Or maybe it's something that only they can do to me.

"What are you doing to me?" she asks them as her thighs start to shake and her cunt cries. What have they turned her into that she makes noises like this and begs for it with every word out of her mouth? She sounds pitiful, pathetic. There's a whimper somewhere in that question, and it would disgust her professional mind with how weak it is.

Of course, this is not her professional anything. Her professional self would never consent to being used like this for another's enjoyment. Her professional self wouldn't beg and plead for anything unless it was a well planned act. She would never be attracted to men who talked about her like she wasn't there and grabbed her or slapped her.

This is not her professional self.

"Anything we goddamned want to," Gibbs grunts from the chair, and she wails as Tony proves the point by taking his cock in hand and pushing into her with his whole back behind the move.

Oh my fucking God, one of them thinks, or maybe all of them, and there is exquisite pain mixed into the pleasure.

Gibbs's eyes still aren't letting her look away. She can feel Tony, hard and thick, inside of her, but the blue eyes that fuck her from the front penetrate in a way she never imagined possible. Her body is impaled on a cock. Her mind is impaled on this man's gaze.

Tony's hands are mini-vices on her hips. She grunts as he pulls her back firmly against his groin and rubs up against her ass. She can feel her restraint falling out the window and smashing onto the pavement below.

"Fuck," he gaps, "you're so tight. It's like I'm fucking your ass tonight."

Gibbs doesn't lose her gaze. She can't close her eyes when he's looking at her like that, and he knows it, which is why he's doing it. The feel of Tony's cock is rough and all-consuming inside her and the feeling is sublime, like being filled with hot fudge. He grips her ass cheeks in both palms and squeezes hard and firm, and she keens with how incredibly full he makes her feel when he presses her flesh around his-- when he fucks her by manipulating her own body as well as his.

"Fucking love your ass," he grunts, and her clit must be spreading to consume her entire body, because there is no way in hell she could be feeling this amount of need and pleasure without some gross altering of her physiology.

Tony keeps moving. Keeps beating at her last hint of dignity and restraint. She swears she can feel him in her throat.

"How does it feel?" Gibbs asks from his spectator's position. There's drool on her bottom lip, and she licks it off wildly as she starts to breathe from her mouth in a last ditch attempt to keep drawing air into her lungs. "How does it feel to have him fucking you right now?"

Tony grins, though he's not sure why. Kate moans. Loudly.


And the man behind her, that wicked excuse for a human being, waits until she's just about to open her mouth and reply, to shoot his hand down between her legs and press against her clit.

The scream she lets out fills the bedroom and overflows into the next room. Now Gibbs is grinning too, and she hates them both and why are they so mean to her while being so very good? The air isn't coming into her lungs anymore. Her skin is shaking and her bones are boiling underneath her flesh.

Tony's fingers pinch her ass sharply, and she gulps in air that smells like sex and her own desperate submission. "Feel-feel-feel's good."

Gibbs's hand takes up a leisurely pace on his cock. He watches her lips and her chest reacting to the force of the fucking she's receiving, and works himself rougher. "You can do better than that. Tell me what he's doing to you, Katie."

"He's fuh... fucking me," she whines.

Tony increases the speed, his fingers still working her clit as he makes her shake down to her very core. She is dripping down the place of their joining, and it makes a wet, wickedly sexual sound whenever he moves forward.

"That's right," Gibbs patronizes, and it must be the tone that sends her head thrashing on her arms, eyes still locked onto his as she fights to remain aware and semi-coherent. The urge to give herself over to the pleasure in between her legs is almost overwhelming. She would have given up and started drifting long ago...

If it wasn't for Gibbs's eyes on hers. Tony glances up at Gibbs, who shakes his head.

"Not yet-- Katie, I know he's fucking you. I want you to tell me exactly what he's doing and how it feels." He leans forward in his chair. "And do try and go beyond 'it's good'."

He grips his cock harder. "Give her a minute and she'll be there," he tells Tony. "And what are you supposed to be doing right now, Katie?"

What is Tony doing that feels so good? She tries to detach from her body and figure it out, but that doesn't seem to be working, so she tightens her grip on the sheets and arches back against him desperately. "He's fucking me hard and fast," she whimpers, and Gibbs's eyes light up in approval. "His, fing... finger is on my clit and it feels really ho... hot." She is panting and this isn't fair and why the hell are they making her squirm like this?

"She's there," Gibbs tells Tony, and the younger man nods as he speeds up his motions. There are declarations of love and need and want on his tongue, and they make his mouth swell to the point that he can't keep his lips and teeth closed.

His eyes squeeze shut. His mind glows white.

Underneath him, there's a howl like the wind going past the window on a dark rainy night. She is loud and out of control, and he grips her tighter to keep them both from being torn asunder. He can feel her pulsing around his cock, her fingers pulling at the sheets like a trapped animal, her bottom arching back at him, and he knows that he is done for.

Fucking done for, and proud of it, and why the hell didn't he do this sooner and why the hell is he thinking about that now and...

"Uhhnnng," spills from his throat, as he collapses over her back, draping over her and praying that his knees don't give out. The rain has started pattering against her window, and he waits until the beat of his heart is as steady as that rain to push himself up and look at the world again.

Kate is shaking underneath him. Gibbs's hand has stilled on his cock, and he is watching her face with open worry. He always worries about her; even after seeing her kill and conquer every enemy that rises up against her, there's still some instinctual part of his makeup that views her as small and in need of protection. Tony has laughed about it on more than one occasion-- the man will pound her into the mattress and make her beg for mercy and aid, and then ask her if she's okay.

Tony pulls out of her and touches the small of her back. She is alive and warm underneath his fingers.

"Kate?" he asks gently.

"Tony, if you're going to ask me if it was good for me, I'm going to punch you," she mutters into the sheet, and he laughs in relief before pressing a soft kiss against the nape of her neck. She rolls over onto her back from sheer force of will, and looks up at him fuzzily. "That was wonderful."

Her lips take his without complaint, and one big sloppy wet kiss later, she is pushing him away and smirking. She finds Gibbs in the corner of her peripheral vision and turns her head to smile at him, stifling a yawn. "You just going to sit there all night, or are you going to come over here and join us?"

He doesn't move, but the tension goes out of his shoulders. "I'm not sure if my legs will still work."

She shifts underneath Tony, and he pushes himself a bit farther off her, settling in on his knees and elbows. "Actually," she admits, "I don't think mine will either." She blinks up at the man whose leg hair is ticking her thighs. "Tony, can your legs still work?"

He shifts his weight to the other side of his body. "Yeah."

"Okay. You," she orders, "go help Gibbs."

Gibbs chuckles from his chair, and Tony smirks. "Why do I have to go and help Gibbs? You're so bossy."

She nods and another yawn creeps up on her. "Yeah," she agrees, "but I can also hurt you. So go help Gibbs. Now." She makes a big show of closing her eyes and settling in for a long nap, but the smirk on her lips says something different than her actions. Tony grins at her, and then at Gibbs.

"Well," he says, resignedly, "I really don't want Kate to kick my ass. I guess we all have to make sacrifices." He pushes off the bed and slips over to Gibbs.

"Sacrifices?" grumbles the older man.

"Don't worry, boss," Tony stage whispers, "I'll suffer in silence and do what I have to do."

"Shut up," Gibbs grouches, and pulls the other man's lips to his.

On the bed, Kate lets out a contented little sigh, and turns her head towards them, squinting out from underneath her hair.

Tony's hands are on his back, pulling him closer, and Gibbs can feel the tension of the last day vanishing under the careful touch of the younger man. The shirt he had forgotten he was still wearing is discarded quickly and firmly. There's a slow burn beginning in his stomach, and he would love nothing more than to take his lover to the bed and make them both forget about their troubles.

However, the taboo little display he watched and half participated in with Kate has left his body in a state different than his mind. If he doesn't come, and soon, he is going to be blue balled for a week. There's a beat running up and down his cock in time with his heart, and he knows that he has to be ended, and quickly.

"Tony," he gasps, breaking away, lips still half searching for his lover's. "Tony, I..."

A hand clamps tight around his cock, and his head jerks back at the new stimuli. Tony is grinning. Kate is purring on the bed. These two know his body better than he does, and if he was the kind of man he had been just a year ago, that would disturb him deeply.

Now, it offers comfort in every sense of the word.

Tony's teeth are harder than Kate's would be-- he knows just how rough he can be without causing real pain, and he knows the differences between a male and female touch. Kate would be teasing with her mouth on his skin, setting him on fire slowly and surely, and making him gasp for more. Tony is burning him down from the base on up, and there is no breath in his body to beg for mercy.

He bites down on Gibbs's lower abs, tongue soothing every tooth mark on his skin. The hand on his cock has tightened firmly at the base, and Gibbs can feel every callus of the other man's fingers rubbing rough against him. Someone is speaking. He can't hear words.

And then Tony's hot, tight mouth closes over him, and his hips are thrusting up from the chair without meaning to, and Kate is laughing on the bed, and Tony is groaning deep in his throat. The rain beats hard against the window.

"God," Gibbs grunts, and Kate snickers.

"No," she mocks him, "just Tony." And he is so going to tan her ass for that later, but right now all he can do is groan at the feel of the younger man's teeth and tongue and cheeks pressing against his cock from all sides.

If he sucks him any harder, he is going to suck his bones right out of his body, and Gibbs might just be okay with that. The hand on the base of his cock moves up and down, jerking off what Tony can't fit into his mouth. He's rough and he's not being sweet and he feels more stable than anything else in the world and hell, Gibbs is just fine with all of that.

The hand on the base of him comes away to play with his balls. The heat in them responds to the hard touch of the hand upon them, and Gibbs's fingers are gripping the armrest of his chair. If he lets go, he is going to grab Tony's hair and fuck his mouth. He knows how rude it is and how much it can hurt the other person, and he refuses to do that no matter how hard the urge becomes.

God, when did he become considerate? What the hell are they doing to him that he is considerate?

"Fuh..." drips from his mouth as Tony increases his speed. His eyes are open wide and staring up at the ceiling. The sound of Tony sucking on him, head buried in his lap, is filling his ears, along with the soft breathing coming from the bed, and they surround him from all sides in a cocoon of sex and heat and love and God that's the forbidden word and-

He pulses hot and thick into Tony's mouth, and the other man swallows him and all of his faults down into his bottomless stomach as Kate murmurs something gentle and truthful from the bed.

The rain has turned into a thick reverberation that fills the room and reminds them all that there is a world outside of here. Tony's hand lands heavy and reassuring on Gibbs's shoulder, and through the combination of Gibbs's own weakness and Tony's persistence, the two of them are soon stumbling towards the bed. Kate has already pulled the blankets and sheets down.

They collapse together, spilling over the bed and staying where they fall. Kate snuggles in between them and pulls the covers over all three of their naked backs. None of them say anything, but Gibbs and Tony's arms drape firmly over her lower back, hands touching gently. The rain fills the silence.

They truly are beautiful together. His two lovers. Clothed in nothing but their skin and kissed with sweat and teeth marks, they lie there on the bed, comforted by each other's presence and the warmth they find in each other's arms.


Gibbs lets his eyes enjoy the sight of them, washed clean and soft by the waves of sleep. Their faces hold none of the tension that they do during the day, and there is none of the angst that so riddles his own thoughts reflected by their image. They are together, and they are untouched.

His head falls down to his hands, and he tries to press some sense into his brain by putting pressure on his temples. It doesn't seem to be working. He still wants nothing more than to crawl back into bed with them. He still wants to feel their breath on his back and his face when he wakes up in the morning.

They possess him, completely and utterly, and it is all he can do to play this silly role of being the "in control" one. He is so tired of his own authority. He is so exhausted of being the boss.

Half of him wishes he could shove the role on one of them-- Tony or Kate as the dominant one instead of him-- and forget all about the worries he has in this mindset. If they had to deal with the decisions he does instead of him; that would be better, wouldn't it? Less stressful on everyone involved?

If it weren't for the knots in his stomach that the idea of one of them going through this creates, he would entertain the thought. If his protective nature wasn't flared into activity by the idea of one of them sitting up at night and worrying, he would allow himself to have that dream of letting go.

But he can't. And he won't.

God, when did he allow them and the touch of their skin on his to consume him? When did he reach the point where he could no longer find an exit? When did he stop looking for one?

He fears what will happen at the end of this. The pain and awkwardness it will cause and how it will affect the team he's come to rely on for so much over such a short period of time. If either Kate or Tony decided it was time to move on with their lives and get away from him, he's not sure if he could keep moving, and that harsh fact scares the ever-loving shit out of him.

He is afraid of what will happen when they leave him. He is afraid of them having to leave at all.

"Why do you do this to yourself?"

Kate picks her head off the pillow and settles her cheek on Tony's back to get a better look at him. She is pale against the tan skin of the other man. Gibbs swallows thickly.

"Because one of us has to be the logical one."

She yawns, and her eyelashes flutter like thick ash on her cheeks. He wants to kiss her so badly right now. He wants her to be the only one he wants to kiss. "You don't have to be anything with us," she says softly, and her mouth closes as her eyes shut and her breathing evens out. One of the amazing things about Kate is her ability to recognize when company is needed, and when solitary is the best state to be in.

She can recognize when he needs a quick smack upside the head, and she never has any qualms about delivering one.

Gibbs takes his hands away from the sides of his head and draws air deep into his lungs. There's a burn at the back of his throat that warns that he might start crying if he sits and thinks too long on anything in particular right now. If he doesn't stop trying to be the logical one right now, he is going to destroy himself completely and utterly in a wave of heaving sobs.

You don't have to be anything with us.

He stumbles off of the chair and over to his side of the bed, slipping under the covers. Kate's skin is warm against his side, and Tony's hand is pressing against his hip. The rain outside is dying. He closes his eyes and lets the warm salt of hopelessness spill down his cheeks.

The soft hand that brushes them away is helped by another, larger one.


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