Kate/Gibbs Stories::



River - "It's habitual. Life." (Teen friendly)


Different - "Kate was Kate. And he knew just how much... Kate she was." (Teen friendly)


Crashing and Burning - "I won’t hate Kate for you, Gibbs. " (Adult Story)


Saturdays - "All you have to do, Pet, is be open to me. " (Adult Story)


Albatross - "If she's flawed, she's human. If she's human, she's on the same level that he is." (Adult friendly)


Five - "Gibbs wanders." (Teen friendly)


Transference - "She is a darkness-kissed Aphrodite without the back fat..." (Adult Story)Nominated for Best Angst Kate/Gibbs fic.


Transparent - "Marine One as a walnut." (Adult Story)Nominated for Best Kate/Gibbs post-ep.



Series and Continuing Threads



Entertainment - "Who do you belong to?" (Adult Story)
First in the Skin Within Series.


Options - "He hates safe." (Adult Story)
Third and final part in the Skin Within Series.


Procrastination - "Never try and catch up to the demons." (Adult Story)


Sight - "Big mistake. Big honking stupid mistake." (Adult Story)
This story is a sequel to Procrastination.


The Counting Game - "Damn this is dangerous to his health and his dignity." (Adult Story)
This story is a sequel to Sight.



Responses to Challenges



Sidetracked - "There are no sparkles. There is no Walmart." (Adult Story)
A reply to the B. Cavis Pumpkin Guts Challenge.


Uncomfortable - "It had just been a collection of unfortunate circumstances." (Teen friendly)
A reply to the B. Cavis August Monthly Challenge.


Really - "This is the stuff wet dreams are made of." (Adult Story) A reply to the B. Cavis Drunken Pony Challenge.
This story is a sequel to Uncomfortable.Nominated for Best Kate/Gibbs romance.



The Pure Series - The follow-up to The Lion Series. Nominated for Best Kate/Gibbs Series.




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