Kate/Ari Stories:




A Life Dissected - "Co-dependence is a word neither one of them dare to think. Affection is something they only play with in the dark." (Teen Friendly)

Patchwork - “Let it be enough. Let it all be enough.” (Teen Friendly)


Inter Se - "Lie to me,” he whispers. “Lie to me, just this once-- make it better." (Adult Story)



Series and Continuing Threads



Substitution - "It makes her a masochist, and maybe just a little bit too kinky." (Adult Story)
Second in the Skin Within Series.


Technically - "Very, very dangerous." (Adult Story)
First part in The Light Series.


High - "Hello lover." (Adult Story)
Second part in The Light Series.


The Lion Series - The award winning story of Ari, that flightly little fool who was so in love.




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